There’s a season for that

Just as there are certain times of the year for certain sports, and seasons when it makes more sense to swim than snow ski, or wear long pants instead of shorts, certain cosmetic plastic surgery procedures have their own best seasons, too.

Seasonal surgeries
Of course, you can choose to have any procedure at any time of the year – whatever works best and makes sense for you. But statistics tell us that more people have breast augmentation and liposuction in the spring. Laser and chemical peels are popular in the winter. And it seems that right after Christmas, people are more likely to have facelifts.

There’s logic to it
facial proceduresWhen you consider certain plastic surgery procedures, it might become clear why they’re seasonal. For example, near the end of winter and in early spring, we might start planning for getting into a swimsuit for summer – so we schedule surgeries in the spring that will enhance our appearance for showing more of our bodies, just in time for summer.

Those of us who are considering face or eyelid lifts are more likely to pick fall or winter surgery dates. That’s because it’s easier to conceal any bruises or bumps during the healing process with scarves, hats and even heavier make-up when it’s cold outside.

If you’ve planning for a laser or chemical peel, it’s important to avoid the sun throughout the entire healing process, which can vary from weeks to a month. So most people pick winter because in most parts of the country, it’s much easier to keep our skin away from the sun.

Popular year round
Procedures such as Botox injections and dermal fillers are performed in our office all times of the year, and you can expect the results to be consistent. However, we will always caution you to stay out of the sun after any procedure. Besides, we all know that sun damage is part of the problem when it comes to aging skin!

Check your calendar
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