This facial study is definitely worth a look

Plastic surgery procedures are designed to help us look better — younger and more attractive. The results often make us feel better on the inside, too. But as reported by, researchers at Georgetown University have discovered that plastic surgery can also make us look more likeable, trustworthy and for women, more feminine.

facial plastic surgeryIn fact, women who had facelifts, eyelifts or other cosmetic surgery procedures not only looked rested and a little younger, but according to the study, they also looked like nicer people.

It didn’t surprise researchers that the panel that reviewed before and after plastic surgery photos perceived patients as more attractive, and even more feminine, post surgery. But it was surprising that the same patients were also judged more trustworthy, likeable and even socially skilled.

The study findings originally appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery publication. But NBC and took the story further by asking women on the street about their experiences after facial plastic surgery.

One woman reported noticing that she got more attention from strangers in the way of kind remarks about how happy she looked. Some might conjecture that the surgery made her appear more friendly and approachable by ridding her of a phenomenon that’s been christened, “Resting B**** Face.”

Especially for people over 60, the mouth can turn down more at the corners or the eyebrows and eyes can look like they’re constantly scowling. The aging process can accentuate what might already be negative facial features. And, indeed, the woman interviewed by NBC had sought out plastic surgery because she felt that her aging face made her look angry all the time, even when she wasn’t. Now she says she feels like she’s definitely treated differently with her refreshed, happier appearance.

The Georgetown study is the first study to look beyond the obvious effects of plastic surgery and instead study and quantify some of the unexpected changes that can occur.

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