A Facial Rejuvenation Could be the Answer for YOU!

Facial RejuvenationIf you’ve started to notice the signs of aging on your face, you’ve likely thought about finding a way to look and feel more like your younger self. Facial rejuvenation surgery could help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals throughout the aging process. You don’t need to live with loose skin, a prominent jowl, and wrinkles!

Depending on the way your face shows signs of aging, there a number of different components that will contribute to your facial rejuvenation. Consider the procedures that we offer:

Face/Neck Lift – Skin elasticity and muscle tone are the first facial features to diminish when you start to age. Sun exposure, stress, and weight gain or loss can expedite the process. A face/neck lift typically involves removing excess skin, tightening facial muscles, and redistributing fatty deposits on the lower third of the face and neck.

Eyelid Lift – Drooping skin above or below your eyelids can make you look tired. By removing the excess fat, we can help your eyes look brighter.

Rhinoplasty – Rhinoplasty procedures are often performed before any signs of aging appear. If you are unsatisfied with the way your nose looks or functions, this procedure can give you the nose you’ve always wanted.

Forehead Lift – A forehead lift is similar to a face/neck lift, but it’s used on the upper third of the face. If your brow has lowered significantly, you can appear more tired than normal. Incorporating a forehead lift can help remedy the issue.

Chin Augmentation – Most genioplasty procedures involve making a small chin more prominent. A small chin makes the face look weakened. While chin augmentations are often overlooked as a part of a facial rejuvenation, they can provide the most dramatic results.

Lip Enhancement – Dermal fillers and toxins can provide similar results, but lip augmentation surgery will provide the permanently fuller lips you want.

Otoplasty – Through cosmetic ear surgery, the ears can be reshaped, repositioned, and proportioned. If your ears are too big, to small, or stick out from your head, an otoplasty can help repair a part of your face that you’ve wanted to alter for your entire life.

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