Don’t get Burned by Summer’s Flame

Non-Invasive ProceduresThere are injuries that are common to the summer months, and sunburn is one that deserves a PSA from us to you. Many of the procedures that are performed today are conducted to “fix” something. Only some instances of “fixing” are necessary due to genetics.

Inherent Cosmetic Problems

There are certain physical aspects that develop in large part determined by our genes. Examples include prominent ears, small breasts, and asymmetrical features on the face or body. There is no way to prevent these concerns. They are only to be corrected or lived with. Alternately, there are ways in which we can do ourselves in, so to speak, in the area of physical beauty.

A large number of cosmetic surgery procedures are conducted with the objective of restoring what has been stolen by time and lifestyle. Aging cannot be avoided. However, research continually points to the value of healthy living. This includes not getting burned by the nuances of Summer.

Sun Savvy

Sun-savvy is a trait that can benefit each person. To be sun savvy means more than applying sunscreen. Did you know that higher SPF is relatively irrelevant? Did you know that your skin may be better served by a particular product? Do you know how to apply sunscreen properly, such as 30-minutes before exposure? Learning how to screen out UV rays is one of the best things you can do for cosmetic aging.

Burning Isn’t Always What you Think

Summertime is the time of bonfires and barbecues. It is also the season during which the risk of any thermal burn is increased. Grills and fire pits and other sources of open flame must be carefully observed and handled. Just because a fire has gone out does not mean that surfaces or coals are not still hot. Of course, you know this; but hundreds of thousands of burns still occur each year, and complacency is a major culprit.


The hot summer sun is dangerous not only because it can burn you, but also because the sun’s heat depletes your body’s hydration. Dehydration is a prominent factor in physical aging, speeding up collagen breakdown and the onset of lines and wrinkles. Some experts recommend that we consume one liter of water every morning before breakfast, and continue to sip water throughout the day.

Summertime is a great time to revisit how you care for your skin. Remember, UV damage can occur at any age! To pamper your skin, contact one of our Southern California offices for a facial customized to your needs.


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