Your Fat can be More Positive than you Think

Just the word can sound negative: FAT! And in fact, you might be devoting a lot of your time to fighting a war on this pesky side effect of too much food and not enough exercise. So maybe you’re eating more fruits and vegetables and adding cardio and weight lifting to your weekly activities. And healthier habits can contribute to a longer, healthier life – and hopefully, banish some of that unattractive, unwanted fat.

But did you know that some of your fat could be used to make you look better? Improve your body contour, fill scars and wrinkles — even rejuvenate your hands and face? It might be time to think about your fat in a new, positive way.

Fat transferLoving those love handles
At Tehrani Plastic Surgery, fat transfer is one of our most popular procedures. We can take fat from your abdomen, love handles or thighs and inject it into areas that may be lacking in volume, such as your face, hands or buttocks. This safe and effective procedure can give you new respect for the power of fat, when used properly!

Putting your fat where it belongs
Fat from your abdomen or thighs can be used to fill in laugh lines, crow’s-feet and acne scars. We can also fill in sunken areas of the face such as lips and cheeks or minimize forehead wrinkles and lines between your nose and mouth. Any of the areas where we use dermal filler injections can benefit from fat injections – and your fat may offer you superior results.

Fat can be even better
Dermal fillers do a great job helping our patients improve their appearance. But some choose fat injections instead because your own fat can give longer-lasting results and can reduce the chance of allergic reactions.

What your fat can do for you
Now that you are aware of the ways that thousands of people every year are using non-invasive, in-office fat transfer procedures to improve their appearance, it might be time to find out what fat injections can do for you. Call our office today for a consultation: 760-240-2444.

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