Dad Bod? Say it Ain’t So!

male breast reductionCertain celebrities get away with it. Take Leo Dicaprio, for instance, or even Matt Damon, depending on his filming schedule; these famous men have no problem whatsoever enjoying a day out and about, truly – we mean shirtless. While we applaud confidence, and we all deserve to have it in spades, the fact of the matter is that for some men, there is a little extra fat tissue standing in the way. To have a “Dad bod” like Leo or Matt doesn’t mean to have excess breast tissue that makes you want to hide.

Man Boobs: What is this about?
Man boobs is an accurate description for the condition known as gynecomastia, albeit not a very kind one. The term can create more shame around a problem that isn’t your fault. Perhaps that is the most important message we can send here is to tell you that, in a large majority of cases, gynecomastia could be likened to drawing the short straw. Yes, certain habits can exacerbate the problem, but it’s not like losing weight will completely resolve the issue.

What to do about Gynecomastia
We all deserve to feel good about our appearance. Research indicates that a “little problem” like gynecomastia can have an enormously detrimental impact on a man’s psyche. This can happen if excess tissue is dispersed across the entire breast, or if it is the nipple area that is consistently puffy. Why live with such a problem when you don’t have to? Restore your masculine physique and your confidence along with it. Speak with your trusted plastic surgeon about male breast reduction.

What is Involved in Male Breast Reduction?
Excess breast tissue is removed in an outpatient procedure. The approach used is based on the findings of our initial consultation and exam. Some men require only the removal of excess fatty tissue with liposuction, whereas there are others who will obtain the best result through the removal of glandular tissue, as well. After surgery, a compression garment will be worn for a week or two. The gentle pressure minimizes swelling and fluid retention, and also makes recovery more comfortable.
There is no place for embarrassment in our self-image. If gynecomastia is a problem for you or someone you love, contact us at (760) 240-2444.

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