How to Keep Those Lips Pouting

image-lipLip enhancement has been a widely-known plastic surgery procedure for years. Because of the social norm that suggests pouty is beautiful (especially having Angelina as queen of all lips sexy and pouty), who could ever resist wanting luscious lips to flaunt? With this, many patients seek Dr. Tehrani’s help to augment their lips and make it more attractive.

While most of us are aware that most cosmetic treatments do not provide permanent results, keeping the results much longer is still better than paying for a short-lived treatment. Here are some tips that you can apply after a lip enhancement procedure.

  • Within six to eight hours following lip augmentation, avoid touching or poking your mouth and lips.
  • Applying ice packs on your lips can ease the swelling and tenderness as it provides an instant cooling relief.
  • Before brushing your teeth, apply a thin layer of healing balm or Vaseline to your lips using a Q-tip. This will limit the contact between water and your lips as you brush.
  • For a few days after your lip augmentation, it would be safer to use a straw when drinking any liquid. This will prevent mobilizing the lips as it is still under recovery. Moreover, your diet should only initially consist of soft foods, like soup, oatmeal, and yogurt. As days go by, gradually advance your diet into harder foods, yet avoid eating anything that can irritate the lips such as hot and spicy foods.
  • For a few weeks after your treatment, it is best to avoid going outdoors and exposing yourself under the sun. When such is inevitable, wear appropriate sun protection like sun hats and scarves.
  • During your recovery period, avoid swimming in chlorinated pools and exposing yourself in tanning salons and saunas.
  • Boost your immune system by taking a nutritional diet and adequate amounts of Vitamin C daily. This will help you achieve a speedy recovery.

Lip Enhancement in Newport Beach

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