Can I Use Renuvion & Emsculpt Together? 

Renuvion and Emsculpt are a fantastic duo to achieve tighter contours and more muscular definition around your body. While both have their own advantages, the combined results of this duo will make anyone feel and look younger – and maybe even a little more fit. With age, weight gain, and lifestyle, our bodies might not appear how we want. Many of us turn to diet and exercise to claim the physique of our dreams but are oftentimes met with underwhelming results. Others might have achieved their dream physique but it find that it is shrouded in loose, excess skin. So, how do check two boxes at once, developing muscularity and tightening troublesome skin? We resolve these worries by combining the advanced science behind Renuvion and Emsculpt. These simple, non-surgical procedures are easily performed in our Inland Empire and Southern California offices. They’re so simple you can expect to return to your daily routine the very same day.

If you would like to see stronger muscles, tighter contours, and a more pleasing physique with no required downtime, schedule a consultation or call us at (760) 240-2444.

Hidden Definition

Unlike what fitness gurus advertise, diet and exercise are not a cure-all when it comes to improving your physique. Whether from genetics or your body’s unique physiology, achieving your desired aesthetic is more difficult than you might think. With age and lifestyle, you are oftentimes fighting an uphill battle to stave off unwanted fat and fortify strong, eye-catching muscles. Not to mention if you have recently lost weight or were pregnant, your skin might not have bounced back to the degree you were hoping. When discussing cosmetic concerns, people typically point to these two common struggles: loose skin and underdeveloped muscles

Loose Skin

Our skin is one of our hardest working organs. Since birth, it is in high-production mode to keep up with our growing body. Every 27 days, approximately, our skin’s cells are replaced with fresh molecules to keep its physiological processes at peak performance. These complex processes keep the skin tight, wrinkle-free, and unblemished. Perhaps one of the most important processes in our skin is collagen production. You may have heard of collagen as the active ingredient in supplements or moisturizers. But, you might not know that your body produces an abundance of collagen in our youth. This fiber-like molecule tethers to the top and bottom of our dermis and provides the necessary tension to keep our skin smooth and tight. However, as with all of our body’s natural processes, collagen production wanes with age, so skin gradually loses its tension and elasticity. This loss causes features around your physique to look deflated, contourless, and ill-defined – even though there are robust muscles hidden underneath. Unfortunately, continued diet and exercise do little for loose, excess skin.

Underdeveloped Muscles

Let’s face it, exercising is not fun for everyone. Unless you genuinely enjoy pushing your muscles past fatigue every day, it’s not fun period. Getting that well-sculpted six-pack or perky butt is harder than it looks when we first set out on our fitness journey. Developing muscles takes time, discipline, dedication, patience, and an almost flawless diet. Even then, we are left with genetics deciding a majority of the final results. So, despite all of our hard work and hours spent in the gym, most of us walk around with underdeveloped muscles. To correct this simply, you only need 30 minutes and a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Ali Tehrani.

The Winning Combo

With a dual approach, we can resolve these worries in one comprehensive session. But how exactly do Renuvion and Emsculpt work and how they do work in concert to provide a flattering physique?

Science Behind Renuvion

Renuvion is one of the most advanced skin-tightening devices in the cosmetic industry. The device introduces skin-safe plasma to subdermal structures. Inside the device, radiofrequency ionizes with helium gas to produce cool thermal energy.[1] This plasma’s heat is just hot enough to stimulate the underside of the dermis, the fascia, and the septal connective tissue. With temperatures reaching 85°C for 0.04-0.08 seconds,[2] the subcutaneous tissue contracts and tightens almost instantly. Over time, the effects of the plasma increase the production of collagen molecules, so results continually improve well after your session. 

Science Behind Emsculpt

Much like Renuvion, Emsculpt is a quick, non-surgical procedure performed in the comfort of our private treatment room. Emsculpt is a wearable device that attaches to your abdomen or buttock. This device uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to stimulate muscles. When the muscles stimulate, they contract. A contraction occurs every time you activate or flex a muscle. In the gym, a repetition in an exercise is equal to one contraction, so in one workout session, you can contract a muscle at most a hundred times. However, with its advanced technology, Emsculpt contracts your muscles 20,000 times in one 30-minute session. That’s equivalent to 20,000 squats or sit-ups in just half an hour! Recent studies have shown that HIFEM technology like the one in Emsculpt reduces fat by 19% and thickens abdominal muscle fibers by 15%.[3]


If you are interested in quicker results from a combined approach, fill out this online contact form to request a consultation. This duo is designed and equipped to help patients of all ages. Previous patients include those at the end of a weight loss journey, were postpartum, or just wanted to see better-defined contours. The main thing we stress is that these procedures are not weight loss procedures. We ask patients to be at a healthy, stable weight at the time of their first session. We ask this because future weight gain will diminish results. 

Personal Consultation

If this is your first time with us, we will begin with a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. Many patients come with multiple cosmetic concerns, so we will listen to each one and offer comprehensive treatment options. Then, we will examine your trouble spots and note your skin’s laxity. This will help us determine if Renuvion’s non-surgical approach is best for you and for achieving your desired results. At the end of your consultation, we will give you a personalized treatment plan. This plan will include basic preparatory and recovery steps following each part of the process. 

Your Renuvion Treatment

While your Renuvion treatment may have its own unique variation, a Renuvion treatment proceeds as follows.


You won’t need to adhere to any exhaustive preparation guidelines for Renuvion. Generally, we ask patients to avoid blood-thinning medications and alcohol before their session. Blood thinners may cause excessive bleeding and alcohol in the blood can result in unwanted bleeding. 


The procedure begins with a small, millimeter size incision for the Renuvion probe to fit through. This probe centers the thermal energy under the subcutaneous tissue. Dr. Tehrani maneuvers the device along the target area. The skin contracts almost instantly as the probe pulses bursts of plasma energy. After he has treated the target area entirely, he removes the probe and sutures the incision closed. 


After your Renuvion session, you will notice immediate results. Over the next couple of weeks, these results will continually improve. It is important to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, so be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

Your Emsculpt Session

We typically recommend patients undergo 2-3 Emsculpt sessions that are evenly spaced apart. This is a normal process for one Emsculpt session.


To prepare, we recommend coming in on an empty stomach or having not eaten in a couple of hours. Other than that, an Emsculpt procedure is simple and requires no extensive preparation. 


During an Emsculpt session, you will lie on either your back or stomach. We will secure the device around your abdomen or butt before turning it on. You will be able to control the intensity of the contractions by controlling a knob on the device. For the next 30 minutes, you can scroll on your phone, answer e-mails, or catch up on sleep. 20,000 contractions later you will be free to leave our care and jump right back into your daily routine. 


You might feel a little soreness after an Emsculpt session. This will mirror the soreness after a workout. Over the next few weeks, as the treated muscle fibers grow stronger, you will see more muscular definition and strength in the treated areas. Future sessions will only enhance these remarkable results. 

How Much Does Renuvion & Emsculpt Cost in The Inland Empire?

The cost of your care will depend on your personalized treatment plan. We will discuss and determine your unique cost during a consultation. If you are interested in financing your care, check out our financing options. For those who want to stay updated on the latest in the plastic surgery industry, keep an eye out for other blog posts just like these. If you have any questions, call us at (760) 240-2444.


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