Can You Hear Me Now? I’m Talking About Otoplasty!

image-earsurgeryIn recent years, rejuvenating and aesthetic medical procedures have been developing at an incredible speed, proving reliable and effective. The surgical way to beauty takes courage and a deep pocket book, but thanks to lower risks and cheaper costs, increasingly more patients are deciding to remodel their bodily features. One of the procedures that might not be getting much as much attention is otoplasty, or ear reshaping. This technique is effective and practically exempt of risks. Because the ear is a cartilaginous structure, it is mold-able and easy to manipulate for an experienced and qualified surgeon.

Do you know someone—perhaps even yourself—whose ears stick out a lot? Large ears can look like the side mirrors of a truck! Once they reach a certain size, they’re nearly impossible to cover with your hair or a hat. When you have ears that big, it is the only thing about you that people notice. Or perhaps your ears were seriously maimed in an accident. But with the help of otoplasty, you can fix that and reshape your ears to a regular size or shape.

It’s important to know people with an untreated ear infection are not able to go through this procedure, but otherwise, you are a candidate if you are generally healthy. It’s not an unusual operation (even though it’s not as popular as breast augmentation or a face lift) and, as mentioned previously, it’s very low risk.

Surgeons perform the surgery by either removing cartilage or adding new ear tissue. The procedure works the following way:

1. You are numbed or sedated using local or general anesthesia.
2. If cartilage removal is required, a small incision is generally made behind the ear.
3. Special sutures force your ears into a normal position, restoring aesthetical anatomy. Removing ear tissue is performed delicately with the use of a bistouries.
4. After the surgery, you must wear a head bandage for about 3-4 days.
As you can see, it’s a simple surgery with a fast recovery time. Come in and talk to your doctor about fixing your obnoxiously-sized ears today!

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