Have you heard about this?

Women, you can pull your hair back again; guys, you don’t have to watch your earlobes continue to get longer; parents, your kids don’t have to suffer from self-esteem issues because their ears stick out.

Have you heard about otoplasty?
More commonly referred to as ear plastic surgery, otoplasty is used to treat various ear deformities. The surgical procedures are relatively easy, but can have a dramatic impact on appearance, confidence and overall quality of life for children and adults.

otoplastySome of us have been unhappy with the way our ears look for as long as we can remember, and some of us become unhappy because the size or shape of our ears changes as we get older. Regardless of the reason, if you don’t like the physical appearance of one or both of your ears, we can help you change them.

Are you or a family member suffering with any of these conditions?

  • Ears that protrude more than they should
  • Ears that droop too low
  • Ears that appear asymmetrical
  • Ears with infected or torn piercings
  • Earlobes that have gotten larger or distended with age

What this can mean for children
Ears that poke out or seem disfigured can cause children – and their parents — a great deal of unhappiness. A child can become overly self-conscious and subject to teasing, which can affect confidence for life.

What this can mean for adults
You might have learned to go to great lengths to hide them with your hair or by wearing hats, but you probably still aren’t happy about your appearance. Or maybe you’ve only recently become aware of changes in their ear appearance. Women may notice that years of wearing heavy earrings has enlarged the size of the holes and elongated their lobes; men may notice their lobes have grown longer and larger with age.

Dr. Tehrani performs ear pinning and reconstructive otoplasty on patients as young as five, teenagers and adults. Make an appointment to talk about your personal ear issues today by calling 760-240-2444. Along with being a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, he’s also a good listener.

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