8 Easy Steps to Quickly Recover from Plastic Surgery


The recovery process is as important as the procedure itself during your Inland Empire plastic surgery.  Whether you’re having breast augmentation or a tummy tuck with Dr. Tehrani, knowledge on how to quickly recover in a healthy and satisfying manner will surely work to your advantage. The steps below are the building blocks of a solid recovery from plastic surgery:

1. Have a plan. This initial step will help you visualize your recovery process and figure out the things you’ll need and the things to be done. A plan will also help make the recovery smoother on your end.

2. Be realistic with your expectations. The most common disappointments following plastic surgery involve swelling and bruising. Keep in mind that the “real” results won’t appear until the swelling has subsided.

3. Ice compresses are often recommended for swelling following a facelift, nose surgery, and an eyelid lift.  Follow your surgeon’s instructions and take note of the duration in between applications.

4. Arrange for someone to stay with you during the first 3 days following surgery. Although you may be able to perform activities of daily living (depending on the procedure done), it may be best for you to completely relax and take a rest.

5. For surgeries involving the neck and the face, consider positions which promote head elevation as much as possible. This will help reduce the swelling and quicken the recovery process. 

6. Rehydrate as much as possible. Any type of surgery will greatly diminish the fluids in your body hence the need for you to replace these fluids.

7. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible. If this isn’t possible, generously apply sunscreen.

8. Always stick to your surgeon’s instructions — from advice on physical activity to hygiene instructions.

Plastic Surgery in Inland Empire

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