Before you Decide to have Plastic Surgery, Ask yourself some Important Questions

The changes, physical and emotional, that people experience with plastic surgery can be striking. So if you’re seriously considering having a procedure, first ask yourself some important questions:
1.) Why do I want this surgery?
2.) What are my goals for results?
3.) What do I expect it to do for my life?
4.) Do I understand how the changes in my appearance might make me feel?
5.) Will important people in my life support my decision? Does that matter?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Tehrani, may ask you some of these very same questions. He will want to know how you feel vs. how you want to feel about your appearance — and how you think others see you. He will want to make sure that both of you are “on the same page” about what you want and what is possible.

plastic surgery FAQSIs it right for you? Are you right for it?
Plastic surgery, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, can create the kind of physical changes that can positively affect your self-esteem. That’s great, as long as you aren’t choosing to have a procedure in hopes of impressing someone other than yourself. We would never encourage a person to have plastic surgery who might end up unhappy and disappointed, even when they have achieved the results they said they wanted.

There are two types of people who make the best candidates for “successful” plastic surgery:

  • You already have a good self-image
    But you have a physical feature that you’d like to improve or change. You are pre-disposed to maintain your positive self-image after surgery and feel good about your results.
  • You have lived with a physical defect or cosmetic flaw
    And your condition has diminished your confidence over time. While you may adjust slowly after surgery, as you do, your self-image can be strengthened dramatically.

We understand that making changes on the outside can create lots of change on the inside. So let’s talk about how plastic surgery can have a positive effect on both.

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