Can looking better boost your career? Study says, ‘Yes!’

A growing number of people are deciding to spend discretionary income to look better through cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, with the goal of increasing their income. Most aren’t ready to go under the knife to surgically pull things tighter or change the size or structure of anything. Instead, they are having small, non-invasive procedures in hopes of giving their careers a big boost.

Research points up the business benefits of appearance
At a recent American Finance Association meeting, the University of Wisconsin’s Joseph T. Halford and Scott H. C. Hsu presented, “Beauty Is Wealth: C.E.O. Appearance and Shareholder Value,” a study of how a chief executive’s appearance affects a company’s stock price.

Halford and Hsu assessed several hundred chief executives of companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, using a facial attractiveness index that measured the relationship between geometry and good looks.

Appearance definitely matters
cosmetic surgeryMost of us could make that assumption without doing any special research. The professors, however, were also building their case on other studies linking attractiveness to achievement.

Getting results without missing a meeting
Many of our patients come to us looking for ways to look better, for work and personal reasons. But they don’t have time to spend a week or two recuperating, and they don’t feel ready for surgery. We can offer them many solutions. In fact, since Botox began being used to smooth lines and wrinkles, the growth in cosmetic surgery has been in noninvasive procedures.

Patients say less-invasive treatments have improved their careers and lives
Surgical and non-surgical procedures can make a big difference in people’s perceptions of themselves. Often the career boost may have a lot to do with the added self-confidence that looking better and younger can provide – professionally and personally.

We encourage all of our patients to be realistic
If someone has a lot of loose skin, they’re going to need a surgical procedure, such as a tummy tuck or facelift. So Dr. Tehrani advises all his patients to take full advantage of his consultation, so they understand the procedures and the possible outcomes. Call for yours today: (760) 240-2444

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