Google can’t Tell you Everything you Need to Know about Cosmetic Surgery

plastic surgeryWhen you want to know where to go to dinner, you might check Google. Likewise for many of the products and services you need at various times. We love how easy life has become thanks to the Internet. If you’re searching for information about a cosmetic surgery procedure, Google will most likely provide you with more information than you could possibly read. Much of it is myth. Breaking the myths is the best way for us to help you feel confident about your decision to have cosmetic surgery.

Breast augmentation is only done once.

There are several reasons why breast augmentation is not a once-and-done procedure. The primary reason is that these breast-enlarging structures only last so long, even under the best conditions. As a general rule of thumb, experienced surgeons prepare their patients to expect a repeat surgery after 10 to 15 years.

Cosmetic surgery is no different than plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons both obtain extensive training, but plastic surgery encompasses far more than facelifts and breast augmentation taught during a short-term course. Dr. Tehrani is trained and licensed in General Surgery as well as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has trained with some of the best aesthetic surgeons throughout New York and Philadelphia, which is evident in the results he achieves with our patients.

Scarring from cosmetic surgery is not a major concern.

Fortunately, the development of precision technique and laser therapy does actually decrease the concern related to scarring. However, it is important to understand that this side effect is possible simply due to the fact that it is a natural byproduct of cutting the skin. Cosmetic surgery procedures most often incur incisions in inconspicuous places in order to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

Affordable cosmetic surgery is the way to go.

While it is certainly understandable to want to save money wherever you can, your plastic surgery procedure is not the time. There are several factors involved in choosing a surgeon for your cosmetic procedure. Cost is actually the least important. More important aspects of your physical transformation include the training, mentorship, and reputation of your selected physician.

In addition to being loved by our patients, Dr. Tehrani is also well respected as one of the leading cosmetic plastic surgeons in Southern California. To schedule your visit in one of our three offices call 760-240-2444.

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