How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Choosing a plastic surgeon can be a difficult task. You hear so many ads on the TV and radio and internet every day for various surgeons in your area, but which one is right for you? It can be hard. You may know some of them personally. Most of all, you are putting your body and your beauty into their hands. You don’t want to come out looking worse than before—or worse: with a serious medical condition caused by your surgery. Luckily, you have nothing to worry about. If you choose a reliable doctor, you have a very low risk of having any problems


Check Out His or Her Credentials

Doctors, including plastic surgeons, need to undergo a very long and strict education, after which they then pass medical board examinations and become certified to practice. You should make sure that your surgeon has a good degree from a recognized institution and that he is also certified to practice in your state.


Get Specific

Take a look at how long he or she has been practicing and what types of surgeries they specialize in. No matter how good the surgeon is at otoplasty, if you are looking for someone to perform the perfect breast lift, they might not be the best choice. Make sure you’re looking at specific information about the surgeon’s experience and how it aligns with what you want.


Ask for Advice

Many people you know will have undergone this same journey. Ask them who they had surgery from for which procedure and what their impressions were. Ask about all the details, but without getting too personal. You want to know about their experience and how they were treated and how successful things were without infringing on their personal medical history.


Make It a Good Fit

You want to get along personally with your surgeon. If you don’t feel comfortable around him or her, choose a different doctor. You should be able to openly communicate. However, you might want to stay away from having family or friends perform surgeries. What if something goes wrong? That would definitely put a damper on your relationship.


In short, find a credible and experienced doctor who works specifically in your chosen surgical field. Choose someone you are comfortable but not too friendly with, and find them by asking around and reading reviews.

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