Results of this research may make you extra happy

You always try to eat a balanced diet of protein, vegetables and fruit; you kicked your sugar habit years ago, you work out on weights with a trainer, love yoga and never leave the house without sunscreen. You’re also a happy person who wants to be the best you can be, but not obsessively so. You’re basically pro-active about doing what you need to do, avoiding excuses. So no one would ever guess that a person like this would also be spending time secretly thinking about having plastic surgery.

Why do we judge?
Plastic SurgeryMaybe you run with a crowd that says they look down on people who have plastic surgery. But almost everyone has something about their appearance they’d like to change, especially those things that no amount of dieting or exercise can fix – especially as we begin to see signs of aging. And there’s something else you and your friends might find interesting.

New research shows that people who have had plastic surgery are happier
The researchers in this recent study looked at three similar types of people and then divided them into three groups:
• A “Had plastic surgery once” group
• A “Wanted to have plastic surgery but didn’t” group
• A “Never considered having plastic surgery” group

Researchers then looked at the people who had had body-altering plastic surgeries
— at three months, six months and one year post-surgery.

Researchers discovered something remarkable
The group of people who had the surgeries reported feeling healthier, less anxious, more attractive and simply better about themselves than the group who didn’t have plastic surgery.

It’s not about morphing into someone else
These days, the best cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are the least noticeable. Breast implant surgery can serve to make someone’s body look more in proportion; nose surgery can do the same the face. Botox and dermal fillers can help your face look more rested and better reflect how you feel from yoga and weight lifting!

Judge for yourself
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