What plastic surgery?

Today’s cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, surgical and non-invasive alike, have the ability to improve your appearance without anybody really knowing. And that’s a good thing. Because the best outcomes are the ones that make you look refreshed, rested, more youthful and happier – not drastically different, or even worse, weird!

Your choice of professionals is crucial
Plastic SurgeryIf you immediately notice that your friend has had a facelift — or a bunch of filler, or their face looks frozen from Botox — it could be because she doesn’t have the right provider. Botox, filler, peels — even surgery — should leave you wondering how your friend has looked practically the same since college! Even surgery that has the potential to alter someone’s appearance, such as rhinoplasty (nose job), should draw your attention to a person’s face and other features, rather than the location of the surgery itself.

Put together the right team
Dr. Tehrani would be the first to tell you that your choice of plastic surgeons and other aesthetic professionals can make all the difference in results. You and your surgeon should discuss your goals and the procedures that can work best for you. It’s all about teamwork, and every member is important to reaching the goal of optimizing your natural beauty.

Get trendy with hair color, not your face
Just like many other aspects of modern life, trends in our appearance, including those affected by plastic surgery, can come and go. But tiny, pinched noses, extreme eyelid lifts, and even over-plucked eyebrows have not withstood the test of time or taste. So plastic surgeons also find themselves in the role of trying to fix procedures that were done poorly or were too extreme to “age” well.

Choose the right procedure for the right reasons
Our patients seek out cosmetic surgery for many different reasons, and your personal motivations will be discussed when you have your first consultation. Two things that all of our happiest patients have in common? Whichever procedures they choose, they are having the treatment for themselves, and their expectations are realistic.

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