Why People Smile More after Cosmetic Surgery

plastic-surgery-proceduresIf you’re considering changing an aspect of your appearance with cosmetic plastic surgery, you are set to join the ranks of masses of other patients who not only look more attractive, but also quite cheery. This is just as true for the man or woman who has a tummy tuck as the patient who has a face lift. Several studies point to the long-term benefits of cosmetic surgery, including an overall improvement in quality of life.

Here’s how it breaks down

In one study, a University of Basel scientist compared self-reported quality of life amongst individuals who had undergone cosmetic surgery. Researchers at the Ruhr Universität in Basel also conducted the same quality of life questionnaire among people who had never had cosmetic surgery. What they discovered was that people who had had surgery felt:

  • A stronger sense of confidence and self-esteem.
  • Lowered amounts of anxiety and depression.
  • Attractive and healthy.
  • More connected with their body.

It would seem like a matter of common sense; you improve a part of your body and so  you naturally feel better. That’s not necessarily so. What is crucial to a greater sense of happiness after cosmetic surgery is a clear understanding of your motives, realistic expectations, communication with your surgeon, and commitment to your recovery. One of the details outlined in the abovementioned study was that the greatest sense of satisfaction was felt by patients who underwent plastic surgery to make improvements, not to fix perceived flaws.

A word on Recovery

Without adequate preparation and detailed information, any patient who undergoes cosmetic surgery can find him or herself feeling frustrated. It is important to recognize the that physical change in aesthetics is a process. There is no jumping off the operating table and straight into the pool. Healing takes time, and that time is different from person to person, and also from one procedure to another. Swelling and bruising may be noticeable for a few weeks, or for a few months. When you know this going in to your procedure, and you follow your post-op instructions, you are laying the foundation for lasting satisfaction.

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