Turn Around; Look at Your Back

Turn Around; Look at Your Back

Once you’ve had cosmetic surgery or other non-invasive procedures, you can’t let your body just go to the dogs again. It requires constant and consistent effort to keep up your beauty. Even when it’s natural, it’s not easy.

And that’s why we’re here to help. Not only does Dr. Tehrani’s office provide most of your cosmetic procedures, you can also take advantage of relaxing spa services. And while most people are thinking about their faces, you should turn your focus to another important but often-neglected body part: your back.

A Facial for Your Back?

Your back is probably one of those trouble areas of your body—at least, if you’re anything like the rest of us. It’s prone to splotchy skin, acne, a lots of built-up dirt and grime. But you can get a “facial” (or a facial-like spa service) for your back, complete with deep cleaning, exfoliation, and a massage.

Essentially, the oils, cleansers, and creams that are used on your skin during a facial help draw out toxins, helping to rid your skin of acne and dirt. Your pores will be clean and clear, and facials can even help clear up scarring. Most importantly, your skin will feel nice and so deeply cleaned. That’s not a feeling you can get at home in the shower, no matter how much soap you use.

Throw All Your Cares Away

One of the biggest advantages of a facial is the relaxing aspect, the chance to let your worries drift away. You know the picture: cucumbers on the eyes, feet up, you reclining. A back facial is no different in effect. You might not get the cucumbers, but you will feel nice and relaxed. And that is always much needed, whether you are recovering from plastic surgery or just every day life!

Come in to Dr. Tehrani to consult about your next cosmetic surgery or procedure today! Everyone at our office is on your side to help you on your way to beauty—and your path should definitely include a nice stop at the spa to pamper yourself and your neglected back.

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