How Necessary Is Thigh Lift Surgery? Inland Empire – Thigh Lift

If you want total improvement on your beauty, you should not just concentrate everything on your face and body. You also have to mind over enhancing such body areas like your thighs, which are perhaps some of the most neglected body areas in terms of cosmetic enhancement. The thighs, especially among women, can readily make or break the appearance of the body contour. With “fatty” or “dimpled looking” thighs, you tend to look short and stout with seemingly unhealthy skin.

Your thighs start to lose their desirability when they accumulate excess skin and some fat. More accurately, the so-called cellulite – fat right under the surface of the skin – is the main culprit. The presence of cellulite, in turn, is influenced by your genes, diet and hormones. This means that it is almost impossible, once present, to eliminate cellulite, but their appearance can be prevented and reduced. This is also the basic principle of a thigh lift surgery: to reduce cellulite significantly so that the lower body contours and skin quality are dramatically improved.

The overall effect of thigh surgery can result in a smoother skin and well-proportioned contours in the thigh and lower body areas. At his clinic in Inland Empire, well respected plastic surgeon Dr. Tehrani performs this surgery normally as an outpatient procedure. This means that, after a few hours operation, you can go back home that same day. It is however advised that you bring along a companion to drive you home after surgery.

The surgery on thighs can remedy cellulite issues in the different thigh areas: front, side, back and inside. The surgical incision is normally placed in the groin area, near the hip. While it may temporarily leave a scar at the hip, the incision will fade in time and can be hidden by a bathing suit. With Dr. Tehrani, you are assured of a surgery that combines excellent surgical skills and a keen eye for natural-looking aesthetic enhancements. Moreover, the California-based doctor performs the surgery himself as much as possible, rather than relegating the procedure to his subordinates or co-surgeons.

To arrange for personal consultations, please contact Dr. Ali Tehrani’s office at (760) 240-2444 or you may fill out and submit this form online.

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