Ready to go sleeveless – and feel happy about it?

Exercise and diet are important elements of a healthy lifestyle, with both offering up results that you can feel on the inside and see on the outside. Yet, somehow the underside of your arms doesn’t seem to care what you do — in the gym or at the dinner table.

arm liftThe problem, sometimes called Bat Wings, comes from the loss of skin elasticity in the upper arm. Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid as we age. And it can also be a side effect of extreme weight loss – no good deed goes unpunished, right?

So before you give up ever going sleeveless again, it’s time to learn about brachioplasty. Assuming you’ve tried everything you can to tighten that saggy skin under your arms, surgery may be the solution for you. Especially if you’ve:

  • Tried weight lifting and diet
  • Recently lost a lot of weight
  • Grown tired of feeling bad about your arms

Here are five quick facts:

  • Most arm lift procedures take between two and three hours
  • You can recover at home if you have care, in a recovery facility or overnight in the hospital
  • Within one week you should be able to see a positive difference
  • In about two weeks, you should be able to resume your normal activity level
  • In about a month and a half, you should be able to go back to exercising

Are you ready to have the well-proportioned arms and contours you deserve?
At Tehrani Plastic Surgery, patients come to us when they don’t want to hide their arms under long sleeves any longer. We can offer them – and you — good news because the surgical techniques used in arm lifts have continued to improve and so have the results. And Dr. Tehrani personally performs all of the procedures. He wants to help you have the shapely, tighter arms that no amount of weight lifting or push-ups can achieve.

It’s time to be proud to raise, wave, shake, flex and show off.
Call us today to find out just how happy your arms can make you:

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