Why Smoking and Plastic Surgery Are Like Oil and Water

surgery preparation victorvilleDespite the presence of well-publicized scientific findings that smoking is extremely harmful to one’s health – from causing various forms of cancer to diabetes to cardiovascular disease, billions of people all around the world still cannot quit their dangerous nicotine fix. Here at our Inland Empire plastic surgery practice, we make it a point to inform our patients that it’s necessary for them to quit the habit before plastic surgery.

Understanding the Risks of Smoking to Your Plastic Surgery Outcomes

Just the other day, a female patient who has been smoking a pack a day came in for an initial consultation because she’s been thinking of getting a face lift. “What’s the connection between me smoking and me wanting to get a face lift?” was her question when we told her that she may have to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes she smoke until she can already quit before we can schedule her face lift procedure. Here’s a breakdown of our response!

  • Smoking can significantly reduce blood flow to cells, tissues, and organs. Specifically, the nicotine in cigarettes can constrict the blood vessels which in turn will inhibit the vessel’s ability to deliver oxygen-rich blood into the rest of your body parts, particularly the surgical site. This translates to delayed or improper healing.

  • In some cases, improper healing can further lead to tissue injury or death which in turn could potentially result to noticeable scarring.

  • In addition, the longer an incision is open (due to delayed healing),  the greater the risks of developing infection. There are several studies that support the idea of smoking as a risk factor of postoperative infection, like this study on the effects of smoking to wound healing and infection in patients who undergo surgery to treat breast cancer.

  • With all the aforementioned negative effects, there’s a huge chance you’ll have longer recovery periods, making you miss work, school, or your usual activities of living.

There’s no denying that smoking and surgery in whatever form are like oil and water; they simply can’t go together. The good news is you can actually choose to quit smoking before plastic surgery. In fact, it has been shown that quitting smoking for a few days can already have a positive effect on your overall health such as improved oxygen supply to the rest of your body. 

Your Smoking Cessation Plan at Tehrani Plastic Surgery

If you’re a smoker, let us help you come up with a smoking cessation plan before your plastic surgery! Call today to book your appointment at the Tehrani Plastic Surgery clinic – where your comfort and convenience are considered priorities. Contact us at (760) 240-2444 or fill out this contact form. We look forward to your visit!

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