A More Permanent Way to Voluptuous Lips

Lip EnhancementIf you want your lips to be pouty or fuller, you are definitely not alone.  Many women choose to add volume and character to their lips to show more voluptuous, fuller lips. To improve your lips’ appearance, the first step is to consult a committed and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Ali Tehrani, based in Apple Valley, CA.

Due to the increasing popularity of lip enhancements, there are many cosmetic products and plastic surgery procedures to choose from these days.  The next step would be to decided which of these procedures would work best for you.

Two lip improvement options that stand out from the rest are injectable fillers and lip enhancement implants. Injectable fillers are more commonly used and readily available, however surgical implants are known for their long-lasting effect. You don’t need to undergo repeated needle sticks as you would with injectable fillers. Dr. Tehrani, will help you understand the pros and cons of lip enhancement work with you so that you can have realistic expectations regarding this procedure and the long-term care.

Lip enhancement through implants is the more permanent solution to larger and fuller lips. The material for implants is usually silicone, inflatable silicone or Gore-Tex. Both men and women, who are generally in good health, can opt to have the implants. But those who are smokers or engaged in professional activities requiring mainly their mouth function, such as singers and speakers, are advised to take this option with caution. For those still undecided, regarding their desired lip size, they are advised to try out injectable fillers first.

If you decide to undergo lip implants, you have to go on a soft diet for at least 4 days. The recovery period may go on for a week up to 10 days. During consultations with Dr. Tehrani, carefully take note of other recovery steps to follow to avoid unwanted complications. Needless to say, there are great benefits and some risks with a lip enhancement. Schedule a visit with Dr. Tehrani today to have all of your questions answered. To schedule your consultatoin, please email the staff of Dr. Tehrani’s Apple Valley Clinic via this consultation request form.

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