Get Pouty With Lip Enhancement – Are You Ready?

Why settle for thin lips when you can have beautiful full lips? Dr. Ali Tehrani, at Tehrani Plastic Surgery in Inland Empire, CA, and his staff have helped hundreds of women achieve beautiful, desirable, full ‘pouty lips’ through lip enhancement.

The common method of enhancing lips is through lip augmentation. This involves repeated injection of fillers using needle sticks. Another option for lip enhancement is to use a fat transfer tecnique. This involves removing fat cells from another part of the body and carefully injecting them into the lips. It should be noted that Lip Enhancement, while lasting for months is temporary and will need to be touched up at future dates.

If you are seeking for larger, fuller lips, then give Dr. Tehrani a call today at his practice, which serves Apple Valley and the Inland Empire, to see if a lip enhancement is right for you. Dr. Tehrani performs lip enhancement procedures in his office.

You may contact Dr. Tehrani for a personal consultation about your lips, or any other face or body enhancement, by calling him at (760) 240-2444 or submitting an online consultation form.

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