Those Lips Are Meant to Pout

Those Lips Are Meant to Pout

If your best pout in a selfie still doesn’t give you the lips you want, we’re here to tell you you can change them. With lip enhancement in the Inland Empire, “Jolie lips” can be yours in no time. The only question is if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Read on to know.

When it’s time to consider lip enhancement

Here are some signs that could mean a lip enhancement procedure might do you a lot of good:

  • You have been blessed with thin lips. When you smile, they disappear.
  • Aging has made your lips thinner and less full.
  • You are bothered by how your lips look and have become self-conscious about your overall appearance because of this.
  • You think having poutier, fuller lips can help improve the harmony of your lips and the rest of your facial features.

When it’s safe to undergo lip enhancement

If you have considered the idea of lip enhancement, it’s time for a consultation to explore your options. Let Dr. Tehrani improve the appearance of your lips, and improve your overall look and confidence. Call us today at (760) 240-2444 to schedule a consultation.

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