All About Radiofrequency Treatments

Radiofrequency is low wave energy that produces a skin-safe thermal effect to tighten loose skin and sculpt away unwanted fat. Because of radiofrequency’s focused heating effect, the most advanced devices in the cosmetic industry use it to perfect cosmetic results and avoid extensive downtimes. But how exactly does radiofrequency affect tissue and stimulate collagen production? How does it make traditional aesthetic procedures less invasive? And how can you witness the benefits for yourself? 

Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Ali Tehrani at either our offices in Palm Springs, San Diego, or Apple Valley. During your consultation, he will discern if a radio-frequency device is for you and which one that may be. If you would like to reach us directly, call our front desk at (760) 240-2444.

Radio-Frequency in Cosmetics

On the electromagnetic spectrum, radiofrequency is furthest on the left with the lowest and longest waves. First used in medical procedures in 1920, this electrical current is uniquely equipped to treat the human body because of its low energy thermal effect. Radiofrequency meets resistance when it comes into contact with fat or skin tissue and produces a heating effect in the treated tissue.[1] The first skin rejuvenating device approved by the FDA debuted in 2002. In the last 20 years, the technology has only improved – and so have results

Radiofrequency & Loose Skin

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Under your skin’s surface, thousands of fibers act as the scaffolding for your dermis’s structure. These fibers are made up of collagen. They are strong and tensile. They keep your skin tight and wrinkle-free. But with age, these fibers grow lax, causing wrinkles to deepen and loose skin to worsen. radiofrequency targets these relaxed fibers by heating the water molecules in the dermis. This thermal effect shortens and thickens the fibers, causing the overlying skin to tighten.[2] This process stimulates new collagen production so that existing fibers are fortified and repaired continuously after the treatment. Radiofrequency is ideal for skin rejuvenation because the energy’s depth is more controllable and all skin types can be treated.[1]

Radiofrequency & Unwanted Fat

Much like with wrinkles and fine lines, acquiring unwanted fat is almost a given as you get older. Subcutaneous fat can shroud muscles and become next to impossible to shed. That’s because this type of fat helps regulate heat loss and protect vital organs from external forces. When applied to fat cells, radiofrequency’s current faces high resistance. This higher resistance generates a greater amount of energy and deeper thermal effects than in skin rejuvenation.[1] The fat cells heat until their cellular membrane breaks, causing them to liquefy. This makes fat easier to extract during a body sculpting process like liposuction. In non-surgical procedures, this altered fat is gradually processed out of the body by the lymphatic system. Radiofrequency is ideal for body sculpting because it doesn’t damage surrounding tissue.[3] 

Why Choose Radio-Frequency

Many different types of cosmetic devices promise similar results. But, these devices don’t come with the same benefits that accompany their remarkable results. Many of these alternatives underdeliver on results and leave you laid up recovering for weeks on end. 

Quicker Recovery

During a more invasive procedure like liposuction, radiofrequency technology allows for easier and more efficient fat retrieval. Traditionally, a plastic surgeon would inadvertently damage surrounding ligaments and soft tissue structures when suctioning out the desired amount of fat. This often led to more damage in non-fatty tissues, lengthening the patient’s recovery time. But, with radiofrequency’s gentle electrical current, fat cells are removed during fewer passes, which in turn causes less surgical trauma. Patients who add a radiofrequency device to their treatment plan enjoy returning to their daily lives quicker. 

Enhanced Results

All of our radiofrequency devices are easily added to surgical and non-surgical procedures. And, along with a quicker recovery time, radiofrequency energy enhances your cosmetic results. The gentle thermal effect generates a heightened collagen response and liquefies fat, so results are longer-lasting and continually improving for months after your treatment. We have a blog post that details the benefits of adding VASER Liposuction with Renuvion. Check it out to learn more!

Dr. Tehrani’s radiofrequency Devices

In recent years, there have been many radiofrequency devices introduced in the cosmetic industry. However, not all of these provide worthwhile results. Dr. Tehrani has carefully curated a suite of radiofrequency devices to help his patients tighten loose skin and shed unwanted fat. These devices are often performed in tandem with other body sculpting treatments or procedures to achieve the best results possible. During your consultation, we will determine what that combination looks like. Dr. Tehrani’s collection of radiofrequency devices includes:


Renuvion combines radiofrequency with helium gas to produce cool skin-safe plasma energy. The Renuvion device is a thin electrode that goes under the skin’s surface. The electrode pulses the plasma energy for 0.04-0.08 seconds at 85°C.[4] At this temperature, the subcutaneous tissue contracts almost instantly and tightens. Over time, freshly produced collagen molecules solidify the alterations which keep the skin tighter for longer. Renuvion is a popular addition to liposuction for patients who have poor skin laxity in the treated areas. 


Morpheus8 is the latest advancement in facial rejuvenation. This device combines the effects of microneedling with the power of radiofrequency to wash away wrinkles and revitalize your face’s appearance. Traditionally, microneedles incite collagen production by tricking the body into a wound healing response. The restorative properties that the brain sends stimulate wrinkle reduction and blemish control. Cosmetic concerns like minor scars, hyperpigmentation, and uneven textures are also benefited by microneedling. With Morpheus8, radiofrequency charges the microneedles, generating a thermal effect that takes results to the next level. The added radiofrequency triggers even more collagen production and superficial skin tightening. 


BodyTite combines fat reduction and skin tightening into one minimally invasive procedure. The BodyTite is made of two parts: one thin bottom electrode and one temperature regulator. The bottom electrode is inserted under the layer of subcutaneous fat. As Dr. Tehrani moves the electrode through the fatty tissue, the radiofrequency energy heats the surrounding fat cell. The temperature regulator makes sure the electrode is not too hot to cause burn damage but not too cold to become ineffective. Once Dr. Tehrani has passed the electrode through the entire fatty area, he closes the millimeter-sized incision. Over the next couple of weeks, the treated fat processes out of the body, leaving behind a more form-fitting contour in the treated area(s).


Facetite takes the same mechanism of action as Bodytite to a smaller scale. Alternatives to Facetite require more extensive procedures and prolonged recoveries. Facetite’s minimally invasive approach and radiofrequency energy allow for a simple procedure and less procedural trauma, so downtimes are expedited. Facetite is ideal for those who have loose skin around their face or neck and wrinkles that give them an older appearance. 

If you are interested in adding any of these devices to your treatment plan, please schedule a consultation at the location nearest to you!

Your Meeting With Dr. Tehrani

If this is your first time with us, we will begin with a patient interview. This interview may be between you and Dr. Tehrani or one of our aestheticians. We will go over your recent medical history and outline your desired results. We will note if a surgical or non-surgical procedure is best for you and determine which devices should be included. Then, Dr. Tehrani will examine your areas of concern and note your skin’s laxity. He will work with you to construct a personalized treatment plan. A personalized treatment plan will address each one of your cosmetic concerns and detail the appropriate treatment. We will include necessary preparations and recovery steps to ensure the best results possible. 

Emsculpt: The Muscle Building Technology

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Building sharp, well-defined muscles can be a daunting task, especially as we get older. While radiofrequency helps shed fat, we have a complementary procedure that can strengthen and thicken muscle fibers in the abdomen and buttocks. Emsculpt uses ultrasound waves to contract muscles involuntarily. Each contraction flexes the muscle and triggers tissue growth in the fibers. Patients schedule Emsculpt together with radiofrequency procedures to enhance the other’s results. 

How Much Do Radiofrequency Procedures Cost in The Inland Empire?

Each radiofrequency device comes with its own cost. We will discuss and determine the cost of your care during your consultation. If you would like to finance your treatment, be sure to check out our financing page to learn about our options. To reach us directly, please call (760) 240-2444.


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